” I will never subject myself to car salespeople again. While I consider myself a savvy and prepared buyer, it is still rather difficult to arrive at a fair price and quite time consuming as well. There is heated negotiation, back and forth games, the waiting, the signing, being shuffled around, more waiting, one last ditch effort to sell you add-on services, etc. The process just doesn’t make sense in a one click world where I don’t want to be subjected to extreme conflict just for protecting myself from being taken advantage of. Chad provided a much different experience. I told him what I wanted, he located it exactly, and presented me with a cost better than I would have gotten even after fighting tooth and nail with the dealer directly. The car was delivered to my house the next day, 2-3 forms were signed, a credit card swiped, and the transaction was done. I wish I would have known about his services earlier as he provided both savings and convenience which are two things we can all appreciate. “

Steve B.

” I don’t have the multiple hours or days, let alone the patience, for shopping and negotiating the purchase of a car. I’m so glad I was referred to Chad as he saved me all of the time, and potential aggravation, of sitting in a dealership feeling like I am fending for myself and battling it out with a salesperson. Chad’s process could not have been more pleasant AND he saved me over $8,000 off the list price. A few phone calls, several emails and I had the car I wanted sitting in my driveway at a deep discount. I never stepped foot in the dealership and my car was delivered to my home within days of the transaction. The experience and economics of working with Chad are unmatched. He is responsive, professional and personable. He operates just as you would want every business to treat you. “

David S.

” If you are considering leasing a new car and want to avoid the run around, lies and bullshit from your dealership salesman – look no further. Chad Spencer does an outstanding job of securing the car of your choice, tackles all the paperwork, saves you money and keeps you informed every step of the way no matter where in the country you live. I was skeptical about dealing with someone who is Florida-based while I am 1800 miles away on Long Island. My fears quickly turned to outright admiration as he leased a 2007 Toyota Solara SLE convertible for me. Not only did he keep me updated daily, saved me money on the lease and I picked up the car at a local Toyota dealership in 3-days. Chad is the real deal and the service is truly outstanding. Trust me – you will NOT be disappointed! “

Jerry K. Massapequa Park, NY

” I cannot recommend Chad’s service highly enough. I wanted to lease a Lexus RX 400h. All of the internet sites said: “The dealers don’t bargain on hybrids. Demand is too high and supply is too low.” The first offer I got from a dealer was $820/month. I shopped around on my own for the next week and got an offer at $707/month. Still not good enough given my budget. Chad contacted me via email because I had gone to the Lease Wizard website. I had never used a lease broker before, but I decided to take a risk. I was committed to get the best deal possible on the hybrid and I wasn’t sure I was getting that on my own. In one day Chad came back with exactly the car I wanted at $641/month. Chad saved me almost $2400 over the life of the lease. In one day. Amazing. I will never lease or buy another new car again without first contacting Chad. Period. End of story. “

John O, Manhattan Beach, CA

” I’ve always considered myself a very good negotiator, and after contacting seven dealerships, I was certain I had the best price out there. When I contacted Chad at Auto Lease Consultants, I figured I was really calling his bluff; I already had the best price to be found. I don’t know what he knows, who he knows, or how he does what he does, but his price blew right past my “best price”. It was both an exciting and humbling moment at the same time. What’s even more amazing, when I slid into the seat of my brand new SUV with 6 miles on the odometer, I was now driving a new vehicle for less per month than my four-year-old high mileage SUV! Yes, both had nearly identical sticker prices, and both were 48 month leases. I had even put down $1,000 more on my old vehicle when I leased it! I don’t know how he works his magic and I don’t care. All I know is that I was in a brand new SUV, soaking up that new leather smell and driving down the road with a big smile on my face knowing I, with the help of Auto Lease Consultants, and finally beat the system. Thanks, Chad! “

Randy G, Jacksonville, FL

” After visiting several dealerships in search of my new car, I felt extremely discouraged because the payments were just too high. There were no options I could pursue at that point since my negotiations with the sales people were unsuccessful and they kept low-balling me to get me to come back. I was tired of driving from dealership to dealership only to get the same condescending run-around from every sales person or finance manager. “Oh the money factor/residual value has changed drastically so the payments are higher now.” “We’re taking a loss on this car if we give it to you for what you want to pay.” “Sweetheart, let me explain to you how leases work.” Sound familiar? When will car sales people realize that the blonde female stereotype just doesn’t hold true for everyone?! I am so glad I gave Chad Spencer a call because he was able to find the car I wanted for a reasonable monthly payment and not much down. He never made any empty promises and was up-front and professional about what type of deal we could get. I really appreciated the ease of communication; Chad would return my phone calls the same day and patiently answered my many questions. Plus, you can’t beat having your new car delivered to your doorstep! Chad, thank-you for treating me with respect and helping me find the deal I wanted. I will never attempt to work with a dealership again. Auto Lease Consultants is the only way to go! “

Krista V, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

” I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service you provided. I picked up my new Saturn VUE downtown yesterday and the whole transaction took only 30 minutes, most of which was the “walk-through” of the workings and features of the car. Signing the paperwork was a snap. The Saturn representative, Doug, was nice, but he started in on his speech about how “Saturn does business in a completely different way…”. I had to stop him short, and he sort of bristled when I told him you had gotten me a better deal than the 5 different quotes I had gotten from his 5 area dealers. He insisted that the quotes should have been identical. When I offered to show him the e-mails, detailing 5 different prices for the exact same car, he backed off and we moved briskly through getting the rest of the paperwork done. I have never had such an easy time of it. Your taking the hassle out of it for me was great and you did an excellent job of keeping me informed of your progress all along the way. You can bet that the next car I buy or lease I will handle through you! I will also recommend your service to anyone I know who is buying a car. “

Nini M, Minneapolis, MN

” I needed a new car but was not looking forward to spending days or weeks negotiating price with the dealers. I just don’t have the time. I decided to give Auto Lease Consultants a try. It was so easy! I had my new car within a couple of days at the best price. You do not need to shop around. Just call Auto Lease Consultants. They will do it all for you. Thank you for your great service. See you in about 36 months. “

Jim G, Carlsbad, CA

” Having had a twelve year old car literally die under me, I had no option left but to bite the bullet and get a new vehicle. After careful consideration I decided on a specific brand and model that would fulfill all my safety and aesthetic needs. I sheepishly walked onto the first car lot knowing I carried with me the two dreaded black marks on my soul that every car selling jackal preys upon; moderate to poor credit and being a woman. I was not disappointed in my expectations of unctuous approach and smarmy condescension. Figuring there were plenty more dealers for the same car I left in a huff.

The next dealership promised me everything I wanted, right on the spot. The specific car, specific model and level, exact financing, the sun, the moon and an improved sex life. It took exactly one week for them to lie, manipulate, delay and try to threaten me into taking a car I totally didn’t want while holding a very large down payment.

It was at this point that Chad called in a follow up to my having ordered software from his partner to try to penetrate the evils of the leasing game. He was immediately impressive as his contract states one must only pay if he is successful.

Not too many people these days stand by the merit system of service rendered. His references were furnished immediately and were impressive and genuine. Chad told me I would have what I wanted within 48 hours and he was exactly correct. He coached me through getting my deposit back from some very angry and threatening men, found an honest dealership and negotiated the exact deal I wanted.

I have become a very world weary and skeptical person, however my dealings with Chad restored some faith in the existence of honest business people who render an excellent service at a reasonable rate. I love my car and enjoy it even more knowing I didn’t overpay. “

Kathy T, Cranford, NJ

” After having leased several vehicles, I had always been under the impression that I was getting good deals. Working with Chad has made me realize how much more I could have saved on past transactions. Now that I’ve used Chad’s service, I’m totally convinced of the value he brings to the table. Considering the time and aggravation he saved me on my last car, I would not hesitate to recommend his service. “

Jeff B, San Diego, CA

” Chad Spencer and Auto Lease Consultants did a fantastic job negotiating the lease of my new Toyota Sequoia. Chad was able to locate the exact SUV I wanted with all the options I desired and he negotiated a far better deal than I ever could have on my own. Best of all, I did not have to hassle with a single salesman. When I showed up to pick up the vehicle, I was treated as a VIP and the deal was exactly what Chad had told me – no surprises and I was out of the dealership with my new Sequoia in no time. Thanks Chad. “

Sean P, Woodland Hills, CA

” Initially I was reluctant to pay someone for something I myself had done successfully in the past. But after working with Chad I am now thoroughly convinced of the benefits of Auto Lease Consultants. Not only was Chad able to save me thousand’s in up front costs, he did all the legwork; I simply showed up at the appointed time, sat while Chad reviewed the lease doc’s, signed my name and I was on my way. Thanks Chad and see you in two years! “

Faith C, Boynton Beach, FL

” Chad at Auto Lease Consultants was very instrumental in helping me decide whether to lease or buy. In addition, he was very effective at getting me a great apr. rate for my 2006 ML 350 car loan. I strongly recommend Auto Lease consultants; I will definitely use this service again the next time I buy. “

Ade J, Brooklyn, NY

” The dealership quoted me $599 a month, 42mo, with $2,900 down for the car I was interested in. Auto Lease Consultants got me the exact same car for $415 a month with $2,000 down. An astonishing savings of $8,530 over the term of the lease! From now on, Auto Lease Consultants is the only way to lease for me. “

Alexis J, Wellington, FL

” I dread dealership hassles, inflated price quotes, and the all day process of purchasing a new car. Auto Lease Consultants said they could save me from the hassles so I gave them a shot. My car was purchased at a substantial savings within only three hours of first calling them! “

Victoria D, Palm Beach, FL

” I couldn’t decide whether to buy or lease a car, and then I saw an ad in Vive magazine for Auto Lease Consultants. I called the owner, told him what kind of car I wanted and my indecision to buy or lease. He gave me advice, and leased the car for me. This service eliminated headaches and hassles for me! “

Marie W, Jupiter, FL

” Working with Chad at Auto Lease Consultants was an absolute pleasure! Not only did he save me time and money, he alleviated the pressure and hassle that sometimes comes with leasing a car. I would strongly recommend Auto Lease Consultants to all of my Friends and Family! “

Jenna D, North Palm Beach, FL

” I tried shopping for a lease on my own, all the quotes from the dealers involved a big portion of money down and the monthly payment was extremely high. That is when I turned to auto lease consultants; they found the car that I wanted with pennies down and a very inexpensive monthly payment, Thanks Chad. “

Adi S, Juno Beach, FL

” I contacted auto lease consultants after going to several dealerships. The service was very pleasant, well organized, and quick. They had me in and out of the dealership with the car that I really wanted the same business day. Wow, what an easy process! “

Sean S, Ft Lauderdale, FL

” A friend of mine referred me to Chad. He told me that if I was looking for a new car, Chad is the MAN to find the best deal.

As a control freak preferring to do everything myself, I was naturally pessimistic.

Surely nobody could find a better deal than me. I gave Chad the specifications of what I wanted and let him do his work. At the same time I did my own car hunting… to trust but verify the prices! The deal Chad came back with was significantly lower than the best deal I could find. I told him let’s do it!

When I showed up at the dealership to pickup my car, it was in the front space at the dealers, cleaned and waiting for me. The General Manager of the dealership had my account file out on his desk with all paperwork earmarked for signature.

It was the smoothest car transaction I was ever involved in. Nobody kept me in the dealership for hours, holding my keys or drivers license as ransom, etc. I have been a customer of Chad’s ever since! He makes the process friendly and manageable.

Chad will not only find you the best deal, but the process is simple and stress-free from defining your specs, to driving away in your new ride!
Highly recommend Chad to anyone looking for a car! “

Jeff S., Loyal customer since 2011

” I have recently leased my second vehicle with the help of Chad Spencer. He has made the whole process very painless and enjoyable. He is very knowledgeable, responsive and will always get you the best deal. I never imagined that leasing a car could be so stress-free. Even when I couldn’t make up my mind, Chad was patient and helpful, giving me multiple options and quotes. Other than going to the showrooms to test-drive, I never had to leave my house – my car was delivered right to my door! I would not hesitate to recommend Chad to anyone I know and have done so in the past. “

Masha P., New Jersey

” Over the past several years, Chad Spencer from Auto Lease Consultants has handled the search and acquisition of my leased cars.

Chad’s tireless efforts and great negotiating, on my behalf, have simplified the car buying process for me, saved me countless wasted hours sitting and haggling in car dealerships, and netted me great deals.

This created a great working relationship between Chad and myself, which has resulted in my being a very happy return customer several times over as well as his closing multiple successful new vehicle transactions, around the country, for a number of friends and family whom I have referred to Auto Lease Consultants for buying or leasing their new cars. “

C. Neita, Florida