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Auto Lease Consultant‘s mission is to provide the most personalized, educated, and experienced professionals to negotiate and deliver your automobile lease or purchase to eliminate the time, hassle, and pressure associated with vehicle dealerships.”

Chad Spencer, President

The Benefits of Working Together

  • a typical savings is $2,000-$5,000 over the local dealers inflated rates, not to mention all the wasted time and hassle of back and forth negotiations
  • zero money down or cap reduction,  total due at signing is the first months payment and license plates only, nothing more.
  • free delivery to your home or office, we bring the car and the paperwork for you to sign, eliminating sales pressure, bait and switch,  and confusion from the finance department on useless products.
  • no interest mark-ups on money factors (interest rates) or bank acquisitions, and no dealer fees.

Our Promise

Why use our services?

It saves you time, hassle, money, gets you the exact vehicle you want, and spares the indignity of having to go to the dealership.

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Auto Lease Consultants is the first and only auto negotiation and delivery service that protects people’s best interests by acting as their agent in vehicle procurement. Our clients enjoy manufacturer fleet pricing, no dealer fees, and the best program rates available. This translates into thousands in client savings, no tiresome negotiations with salesmen, and the luxury of never having to enter a dealership!

We are with you from your first inquiry until you take delivery of your vehicle. Simply tell us the vehicle and options you desire, and we start working to find you the best price that exists, bar none. All vehicles are purchased NEW, in your name, from a dealership of our choice. Of course all warranties, maintenance agreements, rebates, and special financing apply.

Once we find the best price on your car we put the details in writing and fax it to you for your approval. We then offer you the choice of having your car delivered right to your home or office, or if you prefer dealership pick-up, one of our consultants will be happy to meet you there.

Have a written dealer offer? Simply submit the complete details up-front and we guarantee to save above and beyond the investment in our services or it’s free of charge! We ensure you are completely satisfied with our service in knowing the amount of time, money, and hassle you just saved by letting experienced professionals handle your transaction.

Our happy clients

” I will never subject myself to car salespeople again. While I consider myself a savvy and prepared buyer, it is still rather difficult to arrive at a fair price and quite time consuming as well. There is heated negotiation, back and forth games, the waiting, the signing, being shuffled around, more waiting, one last ditch effort to sell you add-on services, etc. The process just doesn’t make sense in a one click world where I don’t want to be subjected to extreme conflict just for protecting myself from being taken advantage of. Chad provided a much different experience. I told him what I wanted, he located it exactly, and presented me with a cost better than I would have gotten even after fighting tooth and nail with the dealer directly. The car was delivered to my house the next day, 2-3 forms were signed, a credit card swiped, and the transaction was done. I wish I would have known about his services earlier as he provided both savings and convenience which are two things we can all appreciate. “

Steve B.

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