Leasing can be a wonderful way to obtain a nicer vehicle with less money down than traditional financing, if done properly. It is also an easy way to separate people from thousands of dollars without them even knowing it. One reason is lender lease rates are not public information, leaving you at the behest of the dealerships salesperson.

Why is this important? Dealers mark up your interest rate (money factor) to increase their back end profit, for interest rate disclosure is not required by federal law on lease contracts.

We NEVER allow a dealer to make one penny through this type of hidden financing. As a result, the financial benefits of leasing are eroded through dealers taking full advantage of people’s misinformation. We have access to every competitive lenders lease programs currently available, and guess which one we choose? The one that’s best for YOU. Therefore, we never negotiate lease terms; rather we negotiate sale prices and then dictate your lease rate to the dealer. We always work for you, in your best interest.

Auto Lease Consultants is unique because we offer manufacturer fleet pricing, no dealer fees, direct delivery and the absolute best lease rates with zero-interest mark-up.

Auto Lease is the best way to buy a vehicle.

Auto Lease is the first and only vehicle negotiation and delivery service in South Florida whose sole mission is to protect people’s best interests. We guide you through the entire buying process from initial inquiry to final delivery.

You never have to set foot on a dealer’s lot but you get a brand new vehicle with the full factory warranty at the best possible price.

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The easiest and best way to buy a car begins when you tell what kind of vehicle you need. If you are unsure which car is right for you, just ask one of the automotive professionals at for their expert, unbiased advice. With our help, you will make the right decision on the vehicle that best suits your needs.

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Then, goes to work and finds your exact car at the best possible price. We are privy to all rebates and discounts offered by auto manufacturers. As a client of you are completely eligible for all manufacturers promotions and programs.

Once we find the best price on your car, we put the details in writing and fax it to you for your approval. We then offer you the option of having it delivered directly to your home or office, or you can pick it up at the dealership. Just spend fifteen minutes completing the paperwork and you drive away with the full enjoyment of getting a new car for an unbeatable price without any hassles. That’s it. It’s that simple!